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RadCam is the leading radio control miniature camera car/remote dolly system in the professsional film industry with a 30 year history.  

Now with the 6th generation chasssis, the RadCamX is the most versatile platform that can seamlessly adapt to a variety of rigs for on-road, off-road, or tracking shots.  

From super smooth and slow to fast and stable, the RadcamX is a workhorse that is reliable and durable.

  We will have more information coming soon. For immediate technical questions or rental quotes, please contact us. 


2018 Cine Gear Expo RadCam

We will be at the 2018 Cine Gear Expo New York street Innovision Optics booth 52A

2018 May ICG Magazine


2018 May ICG Magazine page #18


"Fast n' Functional - Our project involved chasing a high speed radio controlled toy over rough terrain. The RadCamX made the impossible - possible.With 0% frustration and 100% results."

Todd Burrows DGA 1st. AD.

"We always use RadCamX for our low fast moving camera angles.  The versatility and ease of the RadCam cars is unmatched and the team at RadCam will modify and adapt their product for specialty rigging applications.  We always trust RadCam to deliver a reliale product that gets us the shots we need without any downtime or hassle."

Stu Brumbaugh - Local 80

Key Grip

Sparta Grip Owner/Operator

"After looking at many available options, we chose the RadCamX because of the quality of the drivers.  Also, we knew that the best drivers would demand the best equipment, so choosing the RadCamX system was an easy choice.

The RadCamX brought our pre-production concept in to production reality- low, quick and nimble - the car just did what we wanted it to.

Moving over uneven terrain, RadCam's precision driver piloted the car just as planned and expected."

Bengt Jonsson, Director of Photography Local 600

"Cannot say enough about the RadCamX.  Was expecting to get short clips, but Jay Halsey delivered far beyond my expectations with highly controlled, sustained shots.  

Client and agency were ecstatic about the quality and unusual angles the RadCamX gave us." 

Tony McNamara  DGA Director/DP


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