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RadCamX  radio control miniature camera car/remote dolly system

The new RadCamX is the big brother to the original RadCam used on features, episodic, commercial and documentary productions over the past 30 years.

RadCamX is a rugged 4 wheel drive radio control miniature camera car/remote dolly system. RadcamX is the most versatile platform that can seamlessly adapt to a variety of rigs for on-road, off-road, or tracking shots.  

From super smooth and slow to fast and stable, the RadCamX is a workhorse that is reliable and durable. 

Completely wireless and capable of up to 30 mph, the new RadCamX can pace a sprinting dog or track along side a skateboarder.  Now RadCamX can go off road and on road, over the desert or sandy beaaches.

A specially trained RadCamX operator/precision driver operates the car using a radio control to drive the vehicle, adjusting speed and steering. RadCam operator also adjusts the RadCam chassis to the weight of 

the camera and terrain for optimal results. 

The Radcam has a long list of adjustments: tires, springs, ride height, shock fluid/dampaning, sway bars, differential adjustments, power and steering output, vibration isolator plate, just to name a few.

Just like a camera, the RadCam - is only as good as the operator tuning and operating the Radcam.  At RadCam, we pride ourselfs in having the best operators/precision drivers in the world. The camera operator carries a video monitor and uses a second controller

to adjust pan/tilt and remote start/stop.



Weight  45 lbs. (no camera or remote head/gimbal)

Camera and remote head/gimbal weight capacity 40 lbs. 

Dimensions 31in.long X 21in. wide 

Overall height avg. 22in.  depending on remote head/gimbal system

Camera lens height avg. 17in. depending on remote head/gimbal system

All wheel drive fully adjustable independent suspension

Vibration isolator plate for remote head/gimbal

Capable of using various remote heads/gimbals

Quick change battery system

Typical run time 30 min.

Speed 30 MPH

Minimum turning dia. 5 feet

   We can adapt and modify RadCamX for specialty rigging applications.

Fully Adjustable Independent Suspension

Onboard Vibration Isolator Plate